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0:08 Birthday: A girl attempts to use magic to contact her mother. Fantasy, mystery, sombre. ‘Magic’ and ‘Climax’ scenes.

3:01 Off-His Job: Off-beat dark comedy chronicling the daily goings-on in an office. Comedy, quirky, intense. Opening and third act scenes.

6:50 Jitters: A woman comes to terms with a manifestation of her anxiety. Horror, tense, atmospheric. Opening and final scenes (including credits).

10:37 Muffled Voices: Educational film about mental health. Experimental, traditional, sombre, hopeful. Middle and final scenes (including credits).

13:29 Little Bear: A deaf girl has nightmares about her father and murder. Horror, soundscape, experimental, piercing. Opening and final scenes.

15:41 Sam in Space: An intern attempts to save an astronaut stuck in space. Comedy, sci-fi, quirky, electronic, fun. Opening and final scenes.

20:40 mother!: Re-score of the 2017 horror film. Experimental, restrained, mystery. 'Wall Painting' and 'Ending' scenes.

23:14 Beyond the Frame: A man stares. Minimalist, experimental, electronic, mystery. Entire film (expect credits).

25:16 The Dore: A teen follows a mysterious girl into a church. Experimental, horror, electronic. Opening and final scenes.

27:54 Tromp’loeil: A sabotage told from two perspectives. Percussion, minimalist, repetition. Opening and final scenes.

30:19 One More Dance: A girl overcomes her struggles and fears to attend a dance audition. Traditional, waltz, slow. Final scene.