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Bi - Piano Sonata No. 1 (composed by B Sharp, featuring #theowlhouse themes)

Bi - Piano Sonata No. 1 (composed by B Sharp, featuring #theowlhouse themes)

For solo piano in four movements, composed by Barnabas Sharp. Featuring themes from The Owl House composed by TJ Hill. Movement 1: 0:04 Movement 2: 11:53 Movement 3: 18:38 Movement 4 (featuring themes from #theowlhouse): 23:54 The idea to compose a sonata based on experiences of bisexuality, both personal and universal, has remained with me for quite some time. However, when watching the episode of The Owl House called “Thanks to Them”, the moment where Luz comes out as bi to her mother, and the joy and acceptance that follows this, was the catalyst that drove me to complete the work. What follows are four movements with recurring motifs and ideas, but the story that flows throughout the work can interpreted in many different ways. The first movement takes the traditional sonata form but uses it to cage a feeling that is desperate to break from the structure’s confines. Trapped in its stern D minor, it does everything it can to experience joy by having its second subject in its unusual (but not necessarily completely alien) key of Bb major. What follows is a modulation battle before it finally settles in the brightness of D major. The second movement is an endearing romance; an exploration of bisexual ‘love’ in all its forms. The third movement exploits the 20th-century notion of bitonality (get it?) by having two contrasting themes in different keys juxtaposed on top of one another. Set in a scherzo-trio form, the trio slows things down and explores each theme individually and even gives us a glimpse of these themes actually sounding ‘traditionally nice’ when put together. The final movement is a fast finish, containing themes from The Owl House (composed by TJ Hill) to power it along to the finish. The Amity and Luz Dance theme from their “enchanting grom” is used to pay homage to some of the first hints from the show that our protagonist is part of the LGBTQ+ community; there are also comparisons of The Owl House theme to my own composed theme. This is a story of discovery, exploration, love, despair and acceptance, who many of us in the LGBTQ+ community experience everyday in this modern world. This work is not dedicated to anyone because it is for everyone. My only wish is that you find yourself in this music, and know that you are loved.